Warranty and service of manual laser welding machines

If problems are noticed in the operation of the machine, you can always contact our service department. We carry out warranty service of our devices and repair of other manual laser welding devices purchased on Aliexpress or from other suppliers of Chinese factories. A large warehouse of consumables, laser sources and laser heads, as well as vast experience in logistics, gives us the opportunity to complete this task as quickly as possible.
The Service Center offers and provides:
  • Warranty repair of equipment purchased from our Company.
  • Warranty repair of equipment is carried out within 12 months from the date (date) of sale.
  • To hand over the equipment for repair, it is necessary to fill out a transfer certificate.
О гарантии после ремонта:
На проделанные работы в случае послегарантийного ремонта предоставляется гарантия сроком на 3 месяца с момента выдачи оборудования из ремонта.
What is a confirmation of the product warranty:
Warranty confirmation for products is a completed warranty card or proof of purchase with a specified date of sale (consignment note or invoice).

LLC "Trading House "Gefest" is not responsible for the equipment in the event that defects are found in it that have arisen as a result of improper operation of this equipment, as well as under the influence of any external, in relation to the equipment, factors and circumstances (in case of damage caused by circumstances force majeure).

  • violation of the operating rules specified in the attached instructions;
  • opening sealed equipment;
  • traces of unqualified repairs;
  • incorrect connection of the product;
  • use of the product for other purposes;
  • exposure to moisture or building materials;force majeure actions: fire, floods, earthquakes, high-amplitude electromagnetic pickups in the event of a lightning discharge, etc.
Service Request
To contact our service center, please, call +7 931 229 40 75 or send your request using the following form: