Dealer policy LLC "Trading House "Gefest"
This Dealer Policy applies to organizations of all forms of ownership that have received the status of "Dealer", LLC "Trading House "Gefest" (hereinafter referred to as the company), to which the Products are supplied for further sale or repair.
The Dealer Policy defines the working conditions and the functioning system between the company and the Dealer.
1.1 A dealer can be considered an economically independent legal entity or an individual entrepreneur who wants to work with companies on the basis of special prices, subject to a number of conditions:
1.1.1 Presence of an agreement with Gefest Trading House LLC
1.1.2 Purchasing the company's products at least once a month.
1.1.3 Conducting and maintaining a unified pricing policy.
2.1 The procedure for assigning the status is carried out on the basis of a letter - application of the applicant organization with the following documents attached:
- Dealer Candidate Questionnaire,
- A copy of the charter (or regulation),
- A copy of the certificate of state registration of a legal entity,
- A copy of the certificate of tax registration,
- Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities,
- A copy of the extract from the decision on the appointment of the General Director,
- Copy of statistics codes,
- Information about the location: legal, actual and postal addresses,
- Confirmation of the authority of a person who has the right to sign and conclude contracts on behalf of and on behalf of the organization,
- Bank details,
- Contacts of the person responsible for the joint work, his position, phone number, e-mail address,
- Business plan and plan for marketing promotion of the company's products with the definition of sales prospects in the declared Territory in the planned year.
These documents are provided certified by the seal and signature of the general director of the applicant's organization.
2.2 The received documents are considered within 10 days. Based on the results of consideration, a decision is made to assign the status of "Dealer", or to reject the offer. When selecting applicants, the following factors are taken into account:
- experience in sales of products;
- possession of information about consumers, their solvency, forms of relationships with them;
- the ability to perform functions for the sale of products, advertising;
- the ability to perform installation and service and warranty maintenance of products;
- availability of a base in the declared region of activity (trade and warehouse premises, transport).
3.1 The relations of the parties are built on mutually beneficial terms based on the principle of honest and transparent partnerships and are regulated in the agreements concluded.
3.2 Assigning the status of "Dealer" is agreed and formalized by the company's regional sales department by concluding a Dealer Agreement. The dealer agreement is drawn up for 1 year with the possibility of subsequent prolongation, a Certificate is issued on assigning the status of "Dealer" in the prescribed form.
3.3 Assigning the status of "Official Service Center" is agreed and formalized by the Sales Department by concluding a Service Agreement. The service contract is drawn up for 1 year with the possibility of subsequent prolongation, a Certificate of assignment of the status of "Official Service Center" is issued in the prescribed form.
3.4 The Dealer is granted the right to use the name "SEKIRUS" when carrying out its trade, advertising, exhibition activities and other activities aimed at attracting buyers.
3.5 The dealer is a privileged client and purchases the company's products in accordance with the technical requirements and completeness with the use of special preferences:
3.5.1 Individual discount amount, which is calculated depending on the volume of products purchased from the company and the completeness of the requirements of this Dealer Policy.
The amount of discounts is set for half a year. After half a year, discounts are recalculated, depending on the fulfilled obligations. Prices for products, taking into account the discounts provided, are documented in price agreement protocols. In the absence of a price agreement protocol, the products are delivered at selling prices in force in the company at the time of shipment. The discount for some types of products may be lower, the list of such products is indicated in the Protocol for negotiating the price for the supplied products.
3.5.2 Priority in the production and shipment of products at the request of the Dealer.
The priority lies in the company's obligation to ship products within the terms agreed by the parties, and the shipment of scarce products is made as a priority, provided that an application is submitted for the shipment of products for the next month before the 20th day of the current month.
3.5.3 Deferred payment.
It can be used when purchasing the company's products by the Dealer at least once a month continuously for 12 months. Terms of deferred payment are stipulated in an additional agreement to the contract between the company and the Dealer. The standard maximum deferred payment is 30 calendar days. It is possible to agree on individual terms for a separate delivery, in the case when its conditions require a longer delay.
The amount of the payment to be deferred can be agreed upon in the amount of half of the amount sold and paid by the Dealer of products for the quarter. The amount of payment to be deferred is set for half a year and is reviewed each time after its expiration.
3.5.4 Reservation of end customers.
Booking terms and conditions are specified in a separate document approved by the company's CEO.
3.6 The dealer may develop its sales channels to sell the company's products. In this case, the right to sell the company's products on behalf of the Dealer can only be obtained by an organization in which the main type of activity according to OKVED is deciphered by the words "trade" or "repair", the company has a trading area and a website (hereinafter referred to as the Trading Organization).
The dealer is fully responsible for the actions of the trading organization with which he has entered into contractual relations for the sale of the company's products for all clauses of this provision.
The dealer is allowed to provide a discount to organizations in which the main type of activity according to OKVED is deciphered by the words "trade" or "repair", the company has a website in which industrial equipment is necessarily presented as one of the main types of content, as well as to Engineering / design / construction / installation organizations, OEM manufacturers, as well as purchasing companies of enterprises and holdings, provided that the main or additional type of activity of such organizations according to OKVED is decoded by the words "trade", "repair" or "project activity"
Discount for other companies unilaterally is not allowed and each time is subject to agreement with the company on the request form.
4.1 Do not harm the reputation of the company and its Dealers by their actions or inaction.
4.2 Timely pay for the shipped products.
4.3 To sell products to end customers not lower than the price indicated in the price list of the company posted on the official website at
4.4 Allow price reductions only:
- With the written consent of the company on the request form,
- In case of entering a tender for the supply of equipment of another brand, provided that the request or the terms of reference contains the specific name of another brand,
- According to the projects booked for the Dealer.
4.5 If the Dealer participates in the tender with a request in the terms of reference for the supply of products of Gefest Trading House LLC, do not allow the price to drop below the prices of the company's price list.
In case of competition with another brand in a tender where the terms of reference indicate not only the name of the product of Gefest Trading House LLC, but also the word "analogue", allow a price reduction with the written consent of the company in the request form.
4.6 Notify the company about identified cases of unfair competition from third parties in terms of a unified pricing policy.
4.7 Distribute advertising and information materials about products, place reference and advertising information of Gefest Trading House LLC on their territories.
4.8 Participate in the development and implementation of the marketing strategy and advertising activity on the territory of the Dealer.
4.9 Grant the company the right to audit the Dealer's warehouses in terms of the availability of warehouse balances of products of Gefest Trading House LLC, control pricing and carry out other actions aimed at complying with all the rules of this Dealer Policy.
4.10 At the request of the company, within 5 days, provide complete and reliable information regarding the sale of products of Trading House Gefest LLC to trading organizations with which it has entered into contractual relations for the sale of the company's products.
5.1 Do not deliver products to third parties located on the territory of the Dealer in the following cases:
- fulfillment by the Dealer of all the conditions of this Regulation continuously for 12 months,
- Fulfillment of the required volumes of products purchased from the company.
In case of receipt of an application for the company, transfer information about the buyer to the Dealer on whose territory the sale is carried out.
5.2 Timely supply the Dealer with products at his request and assist in organizing sales of the supplied products.
5.3 Submit to the Dealer a set of documents required to confirm its status.
5.4 Inform buyers about the activities of Dealers in the regions. Place information about the Dealer on the company's website.
5.5 Provide appropriate advertising, information support for the company.
5.6 Facilitate the participation of the Dealer in international and regional exhibitions.
5.7 Notify about changes in prices for the company's products no later than 15 calendar days in advance. At the same time, applications for the shipment of products should be accepted at the previous prices no later than 3 calendar days before the new prices come into force.
5.8 In order to avoid violations of the points of this Dealer Policy, use the system of fines:
5.8.1 In case of violation of payment discipline by the Dealer (delay in payment for shipped products against the deadline specified in the contract), the category is reduced, respectively, trade discounts will decrease:
- In 1 case - an informational warning letter from the company about the violation;
- In case of 2 and subsequent cases - reduction by 1 category.
5.8.2 In case of violation of paragraphs 4.3 and 4.4 (price dumping) documented, trading
discounts will decrease:
- In 1 case - an informational warning letter from the company about violations;
- In case of 2 and subsequent cases - reduction by 1 category for a period of 1 half a year.
5.8.3 In case of violation of paragraph 4.5 (price dumping when participating in the Tender) documented:
- not to ship to the violating Dealer the products presented in the tender at prices, taking into account the trade discount, but to ship the products at the price according to the company's price list (if there is an application).
- oblige the violating Dealer to purchase the equipment presented in the tender from the Dealer whose commercial interests were infringed.
The dealer, whose commercial interests were infringed, had to participate in the tender with a minimum price, but not lower than the price indicated in the price list of the company. If a situation arises when several dealers participated with the price indicated in the price list of the company, priority is given with an emphasis on who worked on the project or contacted the company earlier (secondary factor).
5.8.4 In case of violation of the conditions for booking the Equipment Booking System of Gefest Trading House LLC, as well as in case of failure to fulfill obligations to compensate for lost profits, compensate for financial losses to the affected party, apply the right to reduce or completely remove the discount without time limit.
5.9 Take into account additional discounts and penalties when forming trade discounts for the next six months.
6.1 This Dealer Policy is effective from 01/01/2021.
6.2 All applications are the basis and an integral part of the Dealer policy of Gefest Trading House LLC
6.3 The signing of the Dealer or Service Agreement is the fact of building work on the implementation of Gefest Trading House LLC in accordance with this Dealer Policy and agreement on all its points.
6.4 Either party has the right to terminate the Dealer Agreement and the Service Agreement unilaterally, subject to the procedures stipulated by the agreements.
6.5 Contracts can be terminated by the company in an indisputable manner, if, based on the results of work for 3 (three) months, the Dealer:
- has not started to fulfill the terms of the Agreement;
- systematically fails to fulfill the planned volumes of product acquisition;
- grossly violated the terms of this Dealer Policy.
6.6 In case of termination of the Agreements ahead of schedule, the company has the right to post on its Web site a message about the deprivation of the Dealer status for violation of the terms of the Agreement and the invalidity of the issued Certificate, indicating the specific date and reasons.
6.7 All changes in the Dealer Policy are signed by the responsible persons who signed it.